The family life directorate under the leadership of Pastor (Mrs.) Bukola Oladiyun is an arm of CLAM ministry which plays the role of building strong family relationships and raising godly seeds in the way of the lord.

The mandate for the Family Life Directorate is establishing and promoting Christ-honoring values and relationships where it all starts as ordained by God—the family. The directorate has been responsible for building strong family relationships and raising godly seeds in the way of the Lord in the CLAM community. Through The Family Life Academy, the directorate also offers both pre- and post-marital counseling for couples.

The Directorate consists of the following departments:

  • Men’s/Women’s Fellowship
  • Children’s/Teens’ Church
  • Youth Fellowship
  • Singles’/Mature Singles’/Single Parents’ Fellowship
  • God of Hannah Fellowship
  • Pregnant Women’s Fellowship
  • Widows’ Fellowship
  • Parents’ Interceding Fellowship
  • Welfare Department
  • Ministers’ Wives Fellowship
  • Sanctuary Keeping

The annual convention holds in the month of October. It is an enriching and enjoyable family experience, often packed with fun-filled activities—sports and games, couples’ dinner, quiz, among others. Following are our themes in the last couple of years:

  • Securing God’s Presence in the Home
  • Godly Family Values, and
  • Leaving a Legacy


The academy is the directorate’s training school, the vehicle for achieving its set goals and objectives through imparting godly wisdom and knowledge. And as far as this goes, it is back to basics for the directorate. After all, family is all about starting out on a good marital foundation and enjoying marital bliss in a truly godly home. Thus the family life courses have been designed towards this end.

Courses include the following:

  • Christian Courtship
  • Covenant Marriage
  • Reason for Marriage
  • Temperament and Communication in Marriage
  • The Needs of the Man and the Woman in Marriage
  • In-laws in Marriage
  • Finances in Marriage
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Pregnancy and Childcare

There are three modules every year in February, June and November. MODULES FOR 2017 are as follows: 
– February January 30 – February 5
– June June 19 – 25
– November November 13 – 19


– Any man or woman of marriageable age
– Compatible prospective couples with strong mutual convictions to be husband and wife.
– Ready-to-marry prospective couples
– Prospective couples desirous of building their marriage on a godly foundation.


Letters of application for any of the modules should be submitted to the Family Life Office.

Tel: + 234 701 186 6673

Proverbs 11:9…But through knowledge shall the just be delivered.


Pastor Mrs Bukola Oladiyun


She is married to Pastor Wole Oladiyun, the Senior Pastor Christ LivingSpring Apostolic Ministry (CLAM). She is the Director of Family Life – an arm of the ministry specifically designed for women empowerment and family welfare.


  • Designed to help couples start and maintain good marital foundation, and enjoy marital bliss.
  • To address issues that affect marriage and families in general.
  • To build strong family relationships and raising godly seeds in the way of the lord.